OMNITRACKER Basic Administration Module

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By means of continuous practical examples essential aspects of OMNITRACKER administration are imparted.

Target is to provide basic knowledge to administrate OMNITRACKER. The installation and configuration of OMNITRACKER Web Gateway and OMNITRACKER Email Gateway are also training topics.

Installation and typical administrator tasks, e.g. creating folders and forms, setting of privileges and permissions, creation of workflows, actions and escalations are also part of the seminar. Installation and configuration of OMNITRACKER Web Gateway are covered afterwards. Thereby specific configuration procedures, like server connection, logins or individual user interface design are focused.

Finally the architecture of OMNITRACKER Email Gateway and basic configurations for connecting different mail servers are illustrated.

Building up on the automatic despatch of individualised emails by means of message templates, the automatic allocation and processing of incoming emails as well as the logging the whole mail traffic are treated in this training course.

Certification test for OMNITRACKER Administrator is given on the last day, and is obligatory.

Duration day(s): 4

Price (incl. VAT): 36 000 rub.


Please note:

Price for combined 5-day seminar “OMNITRACKER Basic Administration + Advanced Administration + Reporting” (incl. VAT): 78 000 rub.

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