OMNITRACKER Automation Interface Module

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The implementation of very individual requirements can be realized quickly and cheap via Scripting. Relevant knowledge to create very complex scripts for your OMNITRACKER application is communicated in this training.

Contents of this training are amongst others:

• Overview of the usage possibilities and architecture of the OMNITRACKER Automation Interface

• Basics „Scripting with VBS“ (basic knowledge in programming language helpful)

• Scripting in OMNITRACKER

• Automation Interface and file processing

• Scripting in OMNITRACKER Part 2

• Multiple use of Script sections/variables

• Data analysis in OMNITRACKER

• Reusability

• Interfaces

• Effective methods

• Forecast (other gateways)

Apart from the theoretical knowledge, complex examples of day-to-day business are analyzed, according solutions discussed and implemented.

In the corresponding detailed training course documentation you will later on find at your workplace easily the matching chapters for your project. With practical exercises the implementation should be no problem for you.

Certification test for OMNITRACKER Certified Master is given on the last day, and is obligatory.

Duration day(s): 4

Price (incl. VAT): 48 000 rub.


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