OMNITRACKER Reporting Module

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This training is focused on the generation of reports and statistics. Based on the Administration training courses, in this training the necessary knowledge for the generation of reports and statistics is communicated. Here you will get to know the display of complex data structures with OMNITRACKER.

Contents of this training are amongst others:

• General Reporting

• Reporting in OMNITRACKER

• OMNITRACKER Report Wizard

• Setup of a Report using the example of the Export scheme

• Introduction in Crystal Reports 2008

• Subspecies of the Export scheme

• Sub-Reports with Crystal Reports 2008

• Automation of Reports

• Charts and contingency tables in Crystal Reports

• Event Statistics

• Basic Statistics

• Dashboard

As you will take the comprehensive training documentation home the numerous exercises and examples can always be reconstructed or revised.

Certification test for OMNITRACKER Certified Professional is given on the last day, and is obligatory.

Duration day(s): 2

Price (incl. VAT): 29 000 rub.


Please note:

Price for combined 5-day seminar “OMNITRACKER Basic Administration + Advanced Administration + Reporting” (incl. VAT): 78 000 rub.

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